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Geographically, the Sultanate of Oman is the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula. It encompasses mountains, desert, lush tropical areas, agricultural plains, and stretches of virgin beach that rival any seaside in the world. Oman’s population is 2.75 million and is a melting pot, derived from a history of trade that made Oman, from the Bronze Age forward until the advent of the steam boat, a major force in the global economy. Oman’s sphere of influence extended from much of Arabia through East Africa, into Persia, into South Asia and its trade extended throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. Early trade was focused upon two principal Omani products: frankincense and copper, both critical to civilizations through millennia. Later, Oman was a link among all parts of the globe for efficient movement of commodities.

Oman was the first country to recognize the United States of America, as that country left the British Empire as a colony in the 18th century. Its importance to the United States, both strategically and politically, is illustrated by its being one of the two countries outside of North America with which the United States has signed a Free Trade Agreement. As a political entity, Oman is very like Switzerland: a haven of neutrality that is maintained as part of its culture.

The Sultanate’s government is extremely progressive and committed to economic development. The decades of the current Sultan’s rule have seen extraordinary change: from almost no infrastructure to that which is competitive with any country’s; from few schools to a system that includes the graduate level; from an economy focused on fishing and farming to an economy that embraces sophisticated manufacturing. However, maintained is the focus on the health and well being of the population, in every respect.

The Sultanate of Oman’s extremes are safety and cleanliness, both of which are intrinsic to its culture. Every part of Oman is free of disorder and trash. Harmony is emphasized as family tradition.

Economically, Oman is self sufficient as regards oil and gas. This gives the country’s economy an edge up. However, though able to export oil and gas, the country is not rich in those commodities; thus, it requires other industries to support its economic growth. Industry diversification is a keystone of its economic planning, which is exemplary. The medical industry is an extremely important component of industrial growth, as is its corollary, national health care. The Sultanate has strived successfully to broaden and deepen the medical care provided to its population over the decades and now has achieved a system that is admirable.

With a population that is eager to advance technologically and has embraced industry, the Sultanate of Oman is an exceptional location for manufacturing, especially medical manufacturing. The tradition of attention to quality that starts from infancy and extends through every facet of life ensures that the finest products result.

The Dhofar region, in which Salalah resides, is particularly attractive. While the Eastern part of Oman was important for copper, the Western region, which is Dhofar, is the area from which frankincense comes. So important was that commodity for millennia to all parts of the world, that Dhofar was a center of civilization. The region is tropical since it is on the monsoon belt and its climate is temperate, seeing temperatures in July and August of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Salalah is one of the world’s important ports, has an Industrial Zone and Free Trade Zone that make it an increasingly attractive area in which to locate manufacturing, particularly for global distribution.

Oman can be reached easily by air. Oman Air has a growing international schedule. Flights from Muscat, the capital, to Salalah are frequent. Hotels in Oman range from luxury grade, having every amenity common to resort hotels and then some to those in which economy is emphasized. Salalah has fine hotels that are part of international chains. All amenities needed or desired by international travelers are available throughout Oman.

We at SMSM welcome visitors to our facility, hoping that in addition to on site inspection for purposes of due diligence, our visitors will take the opportunity to see a part of the world whose civilization was a cornerstone of world history and whose beauty rivals any part of the world’s.

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